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About Us

30 Years of Experience of Investing and Winning with Technology

We are investors.  Techquity is a long-term investor that brings technology strategy, expertise, and execution to companies that want to, not just win, but change the world. We help our portfolio companies not just become large and valuable but also make a difference in the important problems of our time. Although we license software and provide services, our main objective is to generate equity returns from our stakes in the next generation of market leaders.

We are world-class executives with broad experience in finding and riding trillion-dollar waves. From PCs to the Internet to mobile to China to machine learning, we have been at the forefront of building large-scale systems that are at the state of the art for sales, marketing, production and, distribution.

We are venture capitalists that give you something even more valuable than just equity investment. We are technology partners that work with you side-by-side. We can fill advisory roles, operating roles, help you hire, and provide you with the right software stack for your business. We give you technology equity.

Why Techquity?

After written language, mathematics and money, software is only the fourth major conceptual advance in human civilization.

World-class Companies Think Differently

It’s not just the code. It’s a new way to think. They think backward from the custoyoumer. They are not limited by cost, but by being able to hire enough smart people. We bring that thinking to you.  

They build on top of others work

Twenty years ago, a single company could write all the software itself. Today that’s impossible. The latest machine learning conference generated over 5,000 papers alone. Not to mention the hourly challenges of security threats. Our software platform embodies all that learning.

We retain the best

Even the best software companies turn over their employees every 18 months. They pay salaries that are 10x the national average. We’ve been there and done that.

Software is eating the world. We all systematically underestimate the impact and what it takes to stay ahead.

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Our Offerings

What We Do For You


Our core offering, we help you think. We help you hire. We get paid in a combination of cash, but we are on your side of the table. We take equity in your company, so we are on the same side of the table..


Because we cover many industries, we abstract those lessons into a unified technology platform. Every time we learn, your business gets full advantage. Every time, we investigate a new area, from edge computing to distributed ledgers, you win.


We work with F500 companies, with startups, but we also incubate new ideas. At our Studios, we bring together all our lessons to bring out best thinking to the brightest new areas of development.

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