Your Tech Co-Pilot

There Is No Substitute For Experience

Who We Are

We are experienced Senior Technology Leaders. We serve as Shadow and Fractional CTOs and Senior Advisors for Companies, Investors, and Boards. We improve technology outcomes and reduce risk.

What We Do

We advise Companies, Investors and Boards of Directors to help them ensure technology success for their organizations. We perform detailed assessments of technology and engineering team dynamics to identify strengths and weaknesses and optimize for present and future growth. We help companies design, hire and build high-functioning technology teams based on the best methods we learned at leading global tech companies including Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. We act as Shadow and Fractional CTOs for companies requiring hands-on guidance and partnership with experienced CTOs. We advise Boards and Investors on technology areas affecting their firms and their fiduciary responsibilities.

Why Experience Matters

Successful technology executives have good track records for a reason. They can leverage experience to identify patterns of success and failure. They can see around corners to anticipate challenges and opportunities. Today, every company needs experienced technology leaders. Because every business is a technology business.

Why Techquity

Techquity is a collective of Technologists and Operators with deep experience architecting, building, operating and scaling world class technology platforms and businesses. We have scaled dozens of business lines and startups. And we have assessed technology and teams at hundreds of others.

Our deep expertise and extensive networks enable us to help Companies, Boards and Leadership Teams to successfully navigate hard technology decisions, fix existential technology issues, and improve their chances of breakout success.