Techquity is an operating advisory firm that works with investors, CEOs and management teams that helps promising businesses scale from “one-to-one million users:” Techquity works with innovative companies solving problems that matter. We can tell you how to design, build and implement world-class software and cloud infrastructure because we have done it, multiple times. We align closely with our clients for longer-term engagements, when mutually appropriate. 

How Techquity Is Different

The journey to scale is tumultuous. Things often feel overwhelming and unpredictable. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Techquity partners are former operating executives and founders at hyperscale technology companies and successful startups. We have deep experience and expertise successfully scaling startups and new business lines. We know the path to scale and what’s coming next, at every stage. In an era when capital is abundant but talent is scarce, we provide access to world-class technology expertise and wisdom that startups and growth businesses otherwise might struggle to find.

How Techquity Works

Traditional technical advisory relationships are usually limited and short-lived. We bring a different approach. We partner with our founders, their investors, and their product and engineering team for extended periods and take a long view. We are paid in cash initially, but ultimately we seek equity and to have “skin in the game” with you. 

We start by analyzing your software applications at the code and infrastructure level, and observing product and engineering team dynamics. We then provide detailed recommendations to accelerate your path to success. If the relationship is a fit, then we teach and mentor you and your team, working as technology “co-pilots”,  guiding you through the challenges at every stage with hands-on wisdom and proven frameworks. 

We add value and improve chances of big success by helping clients: 

  • reduce the time to market for products
  • make better technology decisions
  • build better teams, faster
  • identify and recruit talent

We reduce the risk of project failure, improve product quality, and reduce operating costs. We take great pride in helping passionate startups’ technical teams realize visions from cradle to exit.