Every Public Company Must Be A Great Technology Company

Public companies with best-in-class technology capabilities are more profitable. Boards of Directors that can provide authoritative oversight of the technology programs and investments of their companies can add significant value in organizational innovation and growth. 

A growing number of boards rely on dedicated Technology Committees staffed by subject matter experts  to deliver informed and constructive governance for technology initiatives. To be successful, those committees must have knowledge of how technology initiatives succeed and fail, and how technology works today.

We can help by:

  • Providing a baseline analysis of a company’s technology position and initiatives
  • Providing a detailed assessment of how to optimize technology functions and future proof technology operations
  • Provide a landscape analysis to determine the technology risks and opportunities facing a company
  • Evaluate technology team dynamics and analyze development velocity and scalability to support initiatives
  • Provide detailed risk assessment to help BODs understand potential failure modes 
  • Work closely with CTOs and other technology leaders in enterprise to improve outcomes

Later stage companies attain tremendous leverage from better technology governance.