From One to One Million

The journey to scale is tumultuous and challenging. Founders and executives can radically improve their chances of making the journey from a one to a million customers if they can rely on the insights of those who have done it before.

Techquity collective members are former operating executives and founders at some of the world’s most innovative technology companies and successful startups. We have deep experience and expertise successfully scaling startups and new business lines. We know the path to scale and what’s coming next, at every stage. We provide access to world-class technology expertise and wisdom that startups and growth businesses otherwise might struggle to find.

We can advise and show the way on:

  • Scaling software and infrastructure
  • Designing and managing high performance engineering, IT and operations teams
  • Making the right “One Way Door” technology decisions
  • Identifying and addressing likely future failure modes
  • Optimizing products for better market fit
  • Identifying and refining revenue models

Our pattern recognition can be your secret weapon.