Our Team

The Techquity Collective

We come from leading tech brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla and a wide variety of successful startups. We are a loosely organized collection of experts with a passion for solving technology problems. We have a wide range of interests, in business and life, and embrace big challenges because solving well is living well.

Anthony Bay
A senior leader at Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, Anthony was CEO of Rdio and serves on multiple boards. He is a passionate conservationist.
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Andrew Tahvildary
Engineering Lead
An experienced engineering executive, Andrew has led engineering at Cisco, Cloudscaling, ITAPP, Ampush, and most recently at Fleetsmith, acquired by Apple. He's usually in San Francisco, waiting for the fog to burn off.
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Paul Steckler
Paul led major product efforts at Amazon, Microsoft, and Vexcel and has worked in Seattle, Zurich, Paris and Boulder. He's probably running outside.
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Alex Salkever
Al Lindsay
John Merrells