Work With Techquity

Techquity is a virtual global company with the simple goal of helping companies that matter build and scale products that matter. We are a guild of experienced, high-caliber operating executives and technical experts who enjoy working together and do it by choice, not necessity. 

Techquity has no physical offices, corporate headquarters, or formal bureaucracy. Our team members live in countries around the world.  We work via Slack, email, Zoom and other tools to support virtual work.  We have no full-time employees.  Our Operating Advisors and Partners are independent contractors who are free to also work on other projects outside of Techquity. 

Techquity offers a hybrid and unique opportunity for senior leaders, experienced founders, and strong technical individual contributors who want:

  • Higher quality deals and interesting projects
  • Shared commissions on dealflow, so you can earn for sourcing a deal
  • A thoughtful and engaged community of practice, so that you’re not alone
  • To focus on the highest value work, while sharing less valued work with others associated providers (e.g. — developers, designers, infrastructure engineers)
  • A brand and partnership that unlocks better pricing and higher equity for your work 
  • Deal-specific negotiation support, so that you get better terms
  • Backoffice for AR and collections, as well as for dealing with big corp procurement, finance, and legal
  • Professional Insurance

Drop us a line and we can discuss the opportunity and assess fit. Thank you.