In Technology, Repeat Success Is Not An Accident.

Who We Are

We are experienced Senior Technology Leaders. We serve as Co-Pilots and Advisors for Investors, Founders and Companies.

Why Experience Matters

Successful technology executives have good track records for a reason. They can leverage experience to identify patterns of success and failure. They can see around corners to anticipate challenges and opportunities. Today, every company needs experienced technology leaders. Because every business is a technology business.

Why Techquity

Techquity is a collective of Technologists and Operators with deep experience building large-scale technology platforms and businesses. We have scaled dozens of business lines and startups. We can work with you to improve your chances of delivering strong returns.

Our deep expertise and extensive networks enable us to help Investors, Boards, and CEOs to successfully navigate hard technology decisions and improve their chances of breakout success.

A Modern Collective Approach

We are not a consulting firm. We are independents that like community. Techquity Collective members work on a fractional basis but also maintain outside engagements. This is by design. The most talented people enjoy working on multiple projects and problems simultaneously. You can’t hire them. But you can work with them.

We would love to hear about
your technology challenges.