We’re your technology co‑pilot
and software co‑founder.


We invest our expertise to help ambitious companies design, build and grow great products

“We knew we couldn’t build everything ourselves. With Techquity we built a product that can really scale — and they helped us develop a great product strategy.” — Healthtech CEO. 

Do you have a new product with traction, and need to get it to scale? Or do you see an opportunity for tech to level-up your business?

We can be your tech co-pilot and software co-founder. We’ve done this before. We don’t look for projects, we look for great partners.

We come from Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Silicon Valley. We’ve built great products, global businesses and startups from scratch.

We’ll help you move fast, operate efficiently and grow with less risk. You get to focus on your business and your core strengthsLet’s build a great product, together.

“We invest in great startups, but great startups need to focus. Techquity helps get our portfolio companies to market faster and with less risk.” — Venture Investor. 

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