The Techquity Collective

We come from leading tech brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla and a wide variety of successful startups. We are a loosely organized collection of experts with a passion for solving technology problems. We have a wide range of interests, in business and life. We embrace big challenges because solving well is living well.

Anthony Bay


Alex Salkever

John Merrels

Al Lindsay

Paul Steckler

Techquity is Different

We are partners, advisors, technologists and operators. We are not consultants. We teach companies how to win the technology game.

Deep Experience

We collectively have over 100 years in technology experience. We have built successful products in B2B, consumer, media and tech infrastructure.

Long-Term Engagement

We work as partners, not hired guns. We prefer long-term relationships. We like to take a combination of cash and equity to align our interests with yours.

Laser Focus

Techquity members work with a small number of clients at any given time. You will deal with our principals — not a bench of junior employees. 

We would love to hear your story.