Every Investment Is A Technology Investment.

Investors with access to seasoned technologists who have led tech products and operations through rapid growth and scaling enjoy a huge advantage. We offer the best of both worlds — a dedicated relationship with a fractional technologist-in-residence who has that experience.

Model 1

Partners have hyperscale experience — A16z, Khosla


Always-on access, institutional knowledge, continuity, participation


FTEs with this background will only go work for the largest funds. Mostly, they launch their own

Model 2

VCs hire tech expertise — technologist-in-residence


Always-on access, deep engagement, continuity, experience as CTO and VP of Eng.


Expensive. A very small pool of suitable candidates and the best do not want to work FTE for VC

Model 3

Build a formal network (carry/pay for smart people)


Low cost, diverse body of expertise


Unreliable, transactional, high maintenance, little institutional continuity and knowledge.

Model 4

Informal network — ask / find contacts as needed or contract with Expert Network like GLG


Low cost, flexible


Transactional, hard to maintain quality, zero institutional knowledge, no alignment of interests

Core questions to ask of every potential investment:

  • Is the technology vision of the company realistic?
  • What are the technology, product or operational execution risks?
  • Can the CTO / VP Engineering handle current and future needs?
  • Are the product and engineering organizations well designed?
  • Are the most critical ICs in the technology team happy?
  • How quickly can the team iterate and ship product?
  • Is the technology team spending money wisely?
  • Can the technology team, tech operations, and product scale up?

We can help you answer these questions and improve your investment decisions.