Every Company Is A Technology Company.

Company leadership that has access to seasoned technologists who have led tech products and operations through rapid growth and scaling enjoy a huge advantage. But those technologists are expensive and hard to find. We offer CEOs, CTOs, Investors and Boards a dedicated relationship with a fractional technologist who has that experience and can give you the “cheat codes”.

Core questions about your technology and tech teams:

  • Is the technology vision of the company realistic?
  • What are the technology, product or operational execution risks?
  • Can the technology team handle current and future needs?
  • Are the product and engineering organizations well designed?
  • Are the most critical ICs in the technology team happy?
  • How quickly can the team iterate and ship product?
  • Is the technology team spending money wisely?
  • Can the technology team, tech operations, and product scale up?

We can help you answer these questions and improve your technology outcomes.