Automating the biggest security and

privacy obstacles startups face

Sanctum is an essential tool for enabling rapid development and productization
of highly trusted services using mature but less secure off-the-shelf components
Sanctum Security

Personal data is stored separately from other data. All keys and permissions are temporary and generated on demand by a Sanctum token server. The history of all transactions is logged cryptographically in a blockchain ledger. There is nowhere to steal a valid key from.
  • Intercepts DB transactions in common UX frameworks and replaces them with cryptographic hashes to de-identify user data
  • Masks and authenticates DB transactions to ensure that only authorized partners and services are interacting with data
  • Generates a blockchain auditable trail of all data transactions
  • Can provably delete all identifiable customer records across services
  • Can produce a record of all information known about a user on demand
  • Can prove the provenance of all ingested data
  • Can authenticate access to data on a per-transaction basis
  • Tokenizes all user identifiable data
  • Applies FIPS- 142 compliant encryption and signatures to all data and data transactions
  • Provides a framework for applying smart contracts to limiting how personal data can be analyzed

Customer security and privacy are increasingly the biggest drag on modern startup productivity. Legal and regulatory sensitivity to issues surrounding online medical and genomic services is very high.
Techquity deploys its open source cloud framework for modern best-of-breed security practices for each of its portfolio partners to accelerate them through this minefield of regulatory and compliance considerations.
Rapidly prototyping new services using many partner components can quickly scatter critical data across many different services. Sanctum provides a quick framework for securing mission critical data and exposing it to partners in a highly accountable way.

Techuity Shuffle

A Techquity solution for collaborative development of complex, secure, scalable, online services using common web frameworks

Create highly responsive web and mobile UX in a collaborative environment using a WYSIWSG CMS tool without having to worry about security, scaling, data privacy or coding.  

Platforms like WordPress and Shopify are great for creating amateur one-off blogs, commerce and corporate sites but impossible to use for secure, large scale, mission critical services maintained by large teams.  You couldn’t use them to build an online bank service for example.  While they are very productive for individuals that are not productive for complex projects requiring teams and operational scale. 

Shuffle when combined with Sanctum solves the WordPress merging problem.  Large teams working independently on different aspects or features of a site can merge their work using standard Git based merge tools.  Shuffle also enables Git based deployment of WordPress sites.  Shuffle also enables the automated creation of developer, test and productions versions of the same site and the smooth transition between them.  Shuffle makes content creators, site designers, plugins, themes, customer transactions and developer changes to the site all look like ordinary developers creating and merging code from Git’s point of view, creating a unified paradigm for managing all the ways a WordPress sites code and content can change.